Humidifiers that are Design Conscious, not Just Effective

If we want to protect and maintain our homes, we sometimes have to make sacrifices that may not appeal to our aesthetic principles. Purchasing a more effective stove in favor of a more attractive one is a compromise that might happen, because you have to think of your investment in the long term and choose something that will serve your needs as expected. However, this can also be considered a problem of the past, because at least in the market that interests us here, that of appliances and electronics, the increased variety and offer of products has also led to the multiplication of options for design conscious products that can be shapely inserted in the decor of a home.

Industrial Design vs. Humidifiers

On that note, we can now say that even objects as unaesthetic as humidifiers used to be, are now available in attractive designs. Thus, in the happiest of cases, you may be able to find humidifiers that fit your decor choices perfectly, while in others, you will at least choose something that is not totally ugly or obvious among your furniture. Humidifier models like the Mast Humidifier by designer Shin Okada are not only elegant and discreet, but eco-friendly as well. That’s because this lovely product is made from Hinoki, which is the natural Japanese Cypress tree that does not succumb to mildew, decay or rot, and which does not function on electricity. With a ship-like design, it is used simply by pouring water inside the hull, meaning its container. Its sail-like thin slices of Hinoki gradually absorb the water and evaporate it into the air while spreading a subtle lemon scent. While it is not a product for homes with serious humidity issues, it is a safe model in that it won’t over-humidify.

Designs that Please all Senses

As we’ve seen with the Mast Humidifier, industrial design can revolutionize products that we truly need in our homes. Another such product we’d like to recommend is the Wool Ball Hybrid Humidifier, and which goes to all those cat lovers out there. Can you think of something more adorable than a humidifier that serves as cat toy as well? This sphere-shaped product conceived by designer Yuan Gu from Cincinnati functions on two modes: a static one, where it is placed on a pedestal and plugged in, and a kinetic-powered one, where it is placed on the floor and made to humidify while moved by a cat’s play. While the first mode uses electricity to spurt cool mist humidity, the second mode is also Eco-friendly and presents the advantage of being moved around the house, not to mention it is fun and interactive.

There are many other design conscious humidifiers on the market, such as the adorable Sauna Boy Portable Mini Humidifier, the R2D2 USB Humidifier, the Stitch Humidifier, LovePot Humidifier, the elegant Host Lamp Humidifier, the Oskar Humidifier, the children’s Penguin Humidifier, and many, many others. However, before you start choosing a model based on your liking, remember that functionality is just as important, so you should complement your searches by reading home humidifier reviews. A humidifier has to be in your home because you need it, so you must make sure it fits your needs as well; first and foremost, it has to protect your home and your family’s health, and only secondly serve as a decorative object.