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Indoor Herb Garden

Growing your own herbs can be a very rewarding activity. For starters, this endeavor will allow you to enjoy fresh herbs all year long. Furthermore, you don’t need a lot of space in order to grow your own herbs indoors. Last but not least, your kitchen will smell wonderful thanks to your wildly flavored indoor herb garden. If you’ve never grown anything before, you needn’t worry as we have gathered everything you need in order to get you started.

Garden location

The most convenient way to grow herbs indoors is by building a vertical garden. In order to do this, you have several options. You can install some shelves directly on your window, you can hang some wooden planks on a wall and attach some pot hangers on them or you can use a recycled pallet as a vertical garden shelf. We advise you to install shelves on the window because most herbs require plenty of sunshine (there are a few exceptions of course, such as mint, so make sure to read the instructions for each of the herbs that you plan on growing) and if you want them to flourish even in the winter time, then you’d better put them as close to a window as possible. If a vertical garden is too much of a trouble, you might find it more convenient to plant several herbs in a bigger pot.

DIY herb pots

Most herbs are pretty low maintenance and need very small pots. If you are building your indoor herb garden on a budget, you can put your creativity to test and make your own plant pots. You can use mason jars, tin cans, tea cups or any other small containers.

Tips on how to identify your herbs

If you are not very good with identifying different types of herbs, you will need to find a way of tagging your herbs. A neat idea would be to paint your pots with chalk paint and write the name of the herbs on each individual pot. A cheaper idea would be to use Popsicle sticks as tags or corkscrews on a stick (you simply use a marker to write on them). If you want your garden to have a vintage vibe, you can use engraved antique spoons.

What kind of herbs can you grow indoors

With proper care, you can grow any herb in a pot. You can start with basil, parsley, rosemary, thyme and mint, as these plants are easier to grow indoors. The list of plants that can be grown indoors also includes, mint, Vietnamese coriander and oregano.

How do you care for potted herbs

Regardless of the type of herbs that you want to grow, be very careful with the soil that you use. Garden soil is too heavy for potted herbs. What you must do is mix two parts of sterile soil with one part perlite and one part compost. As far as maintenance goes, allow your herbs’ soil to moderately dry between watering sessions, but try not to forget to water the herbs because unlike herbs that grow in the ground, potted herbs don’t have enough soil in order to retain water. Furthermore, try to water only the soil and not the leaves in order to avoid fungal infections. You should also fertilize your herbs from time to time (preferably with organic fertilizers). Pruning is a must, but that shouldn’t be a problem since you are likely to frequently use your herbs for cooking. However, never pick more than two thirds of the leaves in order to allow the plant to grow back. Last but not least, always remove spent flowers. If you allow the herbs to seed, they will feel as if their purpose is completed and will stop growing.