Keeping an Organized Kitchen

A kitchen has to be both functional and inviting; as such, it can be one of the most confusing rooms when it comes to decorating, because you have to ply your choices to various criteria. The difficulty can be amplified if we are dealing with a small kitchen. While some choose the hands off method, such as hiring a kitchen remodeling company,  others like to take on the project themselves. Whichever you choose, there are always solutions, and if you make a plan before starting anything, you can end up with a satisfying result. Here are a few tips that may help you keep an organized kitchen.

Stack Objects by Function

One of the most important things about a kitchen is to know where to find everything, and this can become easier if you group them by function. As such, you should have an area for appliances; if most of your kitchen furniture is already in place, put your other small appliances on the same wall as the stove and refrigerator. Oftentimes people look for solutions to keep the kitchen counter clear, but if you can’t afford the space, just put your coffee maker, toaster, juicer or what have you, on the counter next to the stove. A simple solution is to opt for open shelves instead of cabinets; this will seem to occupy less room in the kitchen and give you easy access to often used appliances. To maximize use of space, create some L-shaped shelves for the corners as well, and use them to stack glasses, plates and other dishware.
Create a separate space for cooking; kitchen islands can be very practical in spacious rooms, otherwise you will have to create a wall counter. This spot should be maintained as clear as possible, so it becomes easier for you to keep it clean and have enough room for preparing meals.

Ingenious Shelving is the Answer

If your kitchen doesn’t have a pantry, you will have to make do with the shelves and cabinets you have. However, you can re-purpose them and maximize their use by installing swing-out shelves. They allow for storage of multiple items such as jars, bottles, packs and bags; moreover, you won’t have to crouch to search for items, they will be pulled out as you open the door.
Contrary to what you might think, drawers can be a good place to store pots, pans and plates as well; you can pull them out and have easy access to bulkier items, but you have to secure them with pegs or something of the kind to avoid them smashing into each other. As for cutlery drawers, you definitely need to use a special separator that keeps them in place. A similar drawer could be divided to keep your spices well organized and well stored, so they maintain their flavors for a longer time. However, there are many solutions for storing spices, and you can find wall-mounted spice racks, magnetized spice containers, and so on.

Practical can be Beautiful

Items that you use every day, such as breakfast foods like jars of jam and peanut butter, honey, salt shakers, toothpicks and napkins, can be left out for a quick reach. In order to keep them all together, set a lazy Susan, or even a tiered tray. Another way of making maximum use of space and combining it with decorating is by utilizing the walls to hang various objects. A special rack for pots and pans above the kitchen island can look quite nicely, not to mention within reach. But you can also fix small hangers on the walls for aprons, kitchen towels and gloves. Other small items that you can’t seem to find a place for can be stored in any empty drawers, but you can also use baskets of various sizes if the space allows.