Perennial Flowers

Flowers are great for all of us who adore having them around or for giving them to special people in our lives on special occasions. It really doesn’t matter if you have a house with a backyard or if you live in a big city’s apartment, as flowers will definitely work wonders in creating a colorful and tranquil atmosphere for your home.

If you want to find out more about the flowers that will create a wonderful outdoor space to relax for whenever you feel the need, then you should definitely learn how to grow perennial flowers, which are great for their cheerful and vibrant colors. Spring flowers are all beautiful, and they are the first signs of a nature that is coming back to life after winter; from Snowdrops to Hyacinths, these flowers don’t just have thrilling perfumes, but they make any garden look cheerful and lovely. So stick close if you want to find out more about spring flowers and perennial flowers in general, to see how you can care for them best.

What you should know about these flowers is that once you have them planted, they come back every year and they live for more than two years. These colorful flowers grow and bloom over spring and summer and they die in autumn and winter and come back to life in spring. They are great if you are among the gardeners who don’t want to buy plants every year. Among them, some are short lived plants and others are long lived plants. If you are not convinced yet to choose these wonderful flowers to plant in your garden or on some small patches of land, here are a few examples of the perennial flowers most people adore: dahlia, lavender, calla lily, bergenia, shasta daisy, blazing star, pink thrift and many more.

They usually are versatile and very easy to grow and some of them can be grown even in baskets and containers, which makes them great for creating an oasis of plants into your apartment. The flowers do well with a lot of sun and most of them are quite tolerant to drought, heat and humidity so when planting them you should keep in mind such facts that will ensure your flowers a long time of bloom. And since these flowers can handle most conditions of weather, they are quite easy to grow, especially if you offer them an open space with a lot of sun and fresh air.

What is very important for you to know is that if you want to grow your plants from planting seeds, you may not see any flower during the first year of growth. And this thing happens because the perennial flowers put most of their energy into root and their growth during the first year, so you need not to worry if you don’t see them come up the first year as the second year and the next years you will surely have a wonderful display in your garden. If you want to have some quick results, you should try to use some transplants of flowers. In order to get best results, you should pick a day that is relatively cool and be sure to water very well the plants after transplanting and to keep watering them until you see the plats are well established.

No matter the way you choose to plant these wonderful flowers, they will surely create a great and long lasting garden you will adore.